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We have hitched our wagons to TIGI.

Home care- TIGI continues to spearhead innovation in the professional hair care arena. We carry: Bed Head, a lifestyle brand with links to new trends in music, club culture and individualism. Catwalk by TIGI a collection that connects hairdressing with high fashion. S-Factor, an assortment that nurtures and pampers your hair and an eastern shore exclusive, Hair Reborn.

The TIGI Hair Reborn specialist is a highly trained professional hairdresser who understands the psychology , physiology and philosophy of hair. The provision of the ultimate service to clients and someone who has a complete product knowledge of TIGI Hair Reborn.

Hair Reborn, a Headlines Salon exclusive.

Product Architecture: Three Targeted Journeys

Reborn begins with three simple hair journeys that may challenge you. Dryness, Frizz prone and Damaged hair. Every journey starts with a shampoo and conditioner designed to kick start the reparative process.

The Technology

Unique and exclusive, Reborn introduces Hyper-Distillation Technology to hair care. An exclusive purification process currently available in the highest grade pharmaceuticals, now available in hair care. This is a purification process where the finest raw materials are extracted, intensified and concentrated into their most potent form to create advanced formulations.

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